Rice Lake Area Business Alliance - FAQ

  1. Does the RLABA as a group endorse or support a political candidate?
    No. We want individuals to support candidates of their choice.

  2. Do I need to own or represent a business or company to qualify for membership?
    Yes. Any business, of any size, qualifies for membership.

  3. Does membership require that my business or company be located in the City of Rice Lake?
    No. All area businesses are welcome. A business is a person, partnership, or corporation engaged in commerce, manufacturing, or a service; profit-seeking enterprise or concern.

  4. How often does RLABA meet as a group?
    2nd Wednesday of each month at 9:00 am. Location to be announced by email.

  5. May I volunteer to be on a RLABA committee?
    es, note the following:
          • Membership Committee (MC)
          • Economic Development Committee (EDC)
          • City Legislative Committee (CLC)

  6. Will I pay annual dues?
    Yes, there is an annual membership fee of $100.00

  7. How do I become a member? 
    Download a membership application from this link: Become a Member

  8. Does the RLABA have a PO Box to send information for membership?
    Yes.  You may send correspondence, invoices, dues, etc. to: 
                         PMB# 175
                         330 S Main St
                         Rice Lake, WI 54868

                 Or you can contact:
    Jim Stoll, President
    Office: (715) 234-9716
    Email:  jimstoll43@gmail.com

    Dan Lawler, Vice President
    Office: (715) 234-2948
    Email: dan@danlawler.com