Welcome to the Rice Lake Area Business Alliance

From the largest corporation to the single sole-proprietor, our common interests include the area where we do business and the challenges we face. The Rice Lake Area Business Alliance stands to unite the Rice Lake business community, creating a singular, powerful voice for progress, change, and business success.


Rice Lake, WI City Council Vote April 6, 2021

Board Meeting: TBD

Members Meeting: TBD


Promoting economic growth that results in jobs, business expansion, and enhancement of the Rice Lake area.


  • To establish an organization of business persons representative of the business and professional interests in and around the Rice Lake, WI area.

  • To establish a business climate favorable to the Rice Lake area-based business and professional enterprises.

  • To encourage active participation by local and regional business people and organizations and by Rice Lake area citizens in all things related to business, professional, and industrial development.

  • To unite the members of the Rice Lake area business community and to promote a greater sense of business and social unity among the RLABA membership and area citizens.

When business works together business gets better.